Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

I know I haven't been too good with my blogging at the moment but the last few days have been a bit hectic. Since coming back from the big city I've started back at work in Olivia Boutique and I must admit I missed my little haven after a long month of chilling out and catching up with my girls. I've also been getting my portfolio ready for sending off to universities in England and Scotland. More about those hopeful dreams in a post coming soon! 

First lets get down to the decorum of Zac Posen, the 90's making a comeback with leather and minimalism from Tibi, Diane von Furstenberg returning to her roots of her iconic wrap dress, the classic Jason Wu with "Extreme Femininity" and finally to the military aviation of Rag & Bone. 

Zac Posen, Fall/Winter Collection at New York Fashion Week 2013.
This may have been Posen's smallest collection in years but how can you deny love for the elegance, the detailing, the decorum, the velvet and silk for this thoughtful and intellectual range. Like they say it is about the quality not quantity.  This collection is definitely one for a lady. 

Zac Posen, Fall/Winter 2013

Amy Smilovic brought the 90's back to 2013 with Tibi! Tibi is known for it's basic and comfortable street wear but always with an edge of excitement and Autumn 2013 will be no different. This autumn will be full of quilted vests, leather leggings, architectural skirts,  and statement bold coats. Tibi, a new obsession of mine due to the minimalism of this collection. Keeping it simple but there is no doubt this collection will turn heads due to the fact it is effortlessly chic and modern. 

Tibi, Fall/Winter Collection, New York Fashion Week 2013

Tibi, New York Fashion Week, 2013

Tibi, New York Fashion Week, 2013 

Ok so I love this woman, Diane Von Furstenberg. Everything about this collection I LOVE, the silk, the wrap dresses, the velvet, the satin, I just want it all!!!!!!!! Her Autumn 2013 collection is one of glamour and femininity. Diane known for her iconic wrap dress from the 70's has gone back to where she began, her DNA and who else would pull off such an iconic look other than the most wanted supermodel in the world right now, Cara Delevingne! 
Cara Delevingne wearing Diane Von Furstenberg Fall Collection 2013

Diane Von Furstenberg, Fall Collection, 2013
Diane Von Furstenberg, Fall/Winter 2013
This classic Wu collection is full of fur, leather, snakeskin and feathers. Yet Wu still manages to keep a sense of the fragile feminine with chiffon, lace and satin. His collection definitely lives up to its name "Extreme Femininity" ! 

Jason Wu, Fall Collection 2013

Jason Wu, Fall Collection 2013
Finally lets take a quick look at Rag & Bone's Fall/Winter Collection 2013. Rag & Bone consisted of strong looks with textured fabrics and mini skirts to balance out the tougher military looks. Another collection I am now obsessed with due to the fact it is modern with a twist. Taking the usual menswear and making it feminine fit for a lady! (A favorite look of mine) 

Ahhh now that was inspiring, get creative and plan your own closet for this Autumn/Winter! 


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