Monday, 8 April 2013

Summer Inspirations

Summer is fast approaching and therefore so are my holiday plans. I'm hoping to take a few days to soak up the Portuguese sun in June. I can almost feel the fresh breeze while sipping on a Mojito after a long day of relaxing by the pool. All this excitement has got me searching for my summer must-haves. One site in particular, "Free People Clothing" , has inspired my Portuguese style with Boho and Indie. I will keep you all posted on my holiday wardrobe!

Until Next Time, E x


  1. Love these BOHO inspired looks.
    You have such AMAZING style.
    You'r blog looks great keep up the great work.

    Alice xo

  2. wow I have finally and absoloutely got inspired with this!

    lovely ella :)

    Marina T


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