Friday, 28 December 2012

Let's Put the Flap back into Flapper

Lately I've found myself needing to add the notorious flapper dress to my closet. Whilst doing my daily internet browsing on my favourite online shops I always end up looking at my saved items and thinking "DAMN I need that dress in my life". The Flapper dress once a symbol of seduction and rebellion for women after the first world war reflects my need to add a little something fresh to my closet and I think I've found just the dress to put the flap back into flapper in 2013.  
Alice Joyce, 1926

 I'm a strong believer that one should not copy the art of our past fashionistas (for example actress Alice Joyce pictured in 1926 in this gorgeous flapper dress) but collect ideas and expand on them making a past triumph into your own. Adding that touch of your own sparkle. For me its adding a touch of Ella.

How will I add my Ella sparkle? I have just the way! 

You'll just have to wait and see....

Until next time, E x

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