Sunday, 20 January 2013

My First Buying Trip!

I'm going to use this blog post to tell you all about my exciting trip to Dublin last week.Last Thursday I went on my first buying trip to Dublin with my lovely boss, Olivia. We met with a representative for some Spanish clothing lines, including my favourite Spanish store Kling. We spent a few hours selecting a variety of items for the shop. I will be honest I wanted everything. 

Olivia and I on our trip, I'm wearing a coat by Kling, to the right.

We spent the rest of our day enjoying fabulous food and of course updating our closets. We even managed to get around some of the Vintage Shops. My favourite being Siopaella. It is definitely a must stop off point if ever shopping in Dublin. From the minute I walked in I was inspired and I won't lie I could have spent hours hunting in there but unfortunately time was against me. 

Here is some pics of what I purchased on our trip...

Knitted Cardigan- Siopaella 

Blazer - Siopaella

Bow Tie - Kling

Green Dress - Kling

Trousers - Zara 

Tights - FOREVER 21

Necklace - FOREVER 21

I look forward to my next buying trip and we have even talked the possibility of it being in New York.... 


Until Next Time, E x

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