Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Pattern Clashing

Today I'm off to meet with the models for the Els Chamber fashion show for fittings with all the shops involved including Menarys, Tempest, Awear, and White Rabbit Exchange and I decided to share my outfit for the day with you. 
Pattern clashing is one of the hottest trends in the high street at the moment and definitely one I love. I've always been one to experiment putting odd matches together and that's why I'm so glad pattern clashing is finally hitting the fashion scene. It is like a sweet and sour meal, two things that naturally don't go together but happen to work so good. Of course there is a balance that needs to be found, for instance certain patterns, textures or prints might not blend together as well as others. Above I've clashed two jacquard Zara prints and they happen to get on like a house on fire. 
Both the jumper and skirt are from Zara. I styled this outfit with ASOS black clogs and a Topshop white bowler hat. 

I hope everyone has a nice day!

Els X

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