Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Learning New Tricks Among The Trade

Lately I've been learning how to sew. I thought since I still needed to make good use out of the sewing machine I got as a present last Christmas it was time for me to take some action. I've been getting sewing lessons from a family friend and so far I've managed to learn a couple basic stitches including the running stitch. I would post a picture of my attempt of the running stitch but I'm not sure that it would explain what it actually is since I still haven't mastered the whole sewing in a straight line business yet. As they say "practice makes perfect" and in my case a lot of practice is needed. The picture to the above left is a perfect example I found on Google of the running stitch. 

Yesterday my sewing skills were put to the test when I decided to do some DIY on a shirt that I got in River Island in the men's sale for €14.00.

I used some old vintage buttons and sewed them onto the collar of the shirt. And to be honest it was pretty simple but time consuming. I did buy clothing glue incase even sewing a button was too much for me but I'm happy to say not a drop of glue was used. 

Today I plan on replacing the buttons that are already on the shirt for the black diamond dices that are in the pics above.

So there you have it a fun way to make something simple like a shirt (old or new) into your own! Next time your about to throw away a piece of clothing from your closet why not think twice about it and look up some simple steps on how to sew a button. 
Here is one website I found useful:

Sometimes all we need is some inspiration! 

Until Next Time, E x   PS: Els Tip - Remember to ask family members or friends if they happen to have any old buttons before going out and buying a bag full as this can be quite expensive

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