Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Little Piece Of Heaven At Olivia Boutique

I have the huge privilege of working in one of the cutest shops in the North West of Ireland, if not the cutest! I wanted to share this magic with my readers. Olivia Boutique is almost like entering your own fairytale for that person who loves keeping their house a home. Olivia's will take you on an enchanting discovery to find the necessities to create your own magical tea party with the wonderful and most gorgeous PIP home-ware or to help build your own charming cottage, Olivia's is the place to be! Or maybe you would like to find the perfect garment needed for the ball, Olivia's can definitely play your fairy godmother. Olivia Boutique has everything from that precious gift to the perfect card needed for that special occasion. 

Upon entering you will experience your senses spiralling  with the delicious smells coming from a selection of gorgeous bath bombs, soaps and beautiful candles, you will be drawn to look at everything and will want to touch all that you see!

Olivia Boutique is a little piece of heaven. Why not come and see the magic yourself! A trip worthwhile, I PROMISE! 

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