Friday, 15 March 2013

London/Liverpool Shopping Trip

It almost feels like forever since my last blog post where I announced I was heading off to fulfil a long awaited dream of mine. And now I'm back! I still find myself remembering all the small things I did which were overshadowed by the amount of shopping my trip took up such as walking though Green Park, visiting the people's museum in Liverpool, dining out every night, visiting Buckingham Palace where I managed to see the changing of the guards to living the high life in Mayfair . I truly had an amazing time and wish to do it all over again sometime in the near future. 

I don't really know where to begin! So I will start with some pics I snapped of outfits I wore throughout my trip. Dressing up every day is just one of my favourite memories of this trip. 

Although I did not manage to capture every outfit worn I hope that gives you a quick glimpse of my London/Liverpool style!

It is safe to say every day was jam packed. There was not one day of relaxation. Most mornings I was up around 8am and yawning for bed by 9pm. In saying that it was all worth it. I literally hunted through every vintage store I could find in both Liverpool and London and I will admit I found Liverpool vintage shopping a tad bit better than London. That is a matter of opinion though. I found this because London is a bit more expensive but it also more spread out and harder to negotiate your way round. Due to this being my first trip to London and only having a few days to get accustomed to the craziness of the underground and keeping up with London itself could be my reasoning for this view. Don't get me wrong, my time in London was unbelievable and I found myself in Brick Lane more than once. Brick Lane is a vintage haven with stores like Absolute Vintage and Rokit impressing me the most. Luckily I also found the Spitalfields Market on my way to Brick Lane where I made a couple purchases also. 

Here is a pic of some of my purchases from London:

 Jumper - Rokit 
Skirt - Spitalfields Market
Hat - Vintage Shop (Name unknown)
Clutch - Primark
Necklaces - Primark

I also took some time out of my hectic shopping schedule to do a bit of sight seeing. I made a visit to Buckingham Palace where I had the privilege of seeing the changing of the guards.

I had a trip down Green Park where I imagined myself to be Kate Middleton on her wedding day!

I took photos of the most extravagant window displays while strolling the streets of London including these of Louis Vuitton:

I spent my evenings dining out in delicious restaurants and my nights sleeping in luxurious Mayfair. 

View from the window in Mayfair

This is where I was staying in Mayfair

Whilst in Liverpool I took the time to visit the People's Museum. I also wandered around the Albert Docks and shopped for hours on Bold Street in all the vintage boutiques like Little Red Vintage and Pop Vintage being my favourite. 

The shopping never seemed to end on this trip right up until the very last minute. While on my way through Liverpool Airport my lovely mother treated me to this gorgeous Ted Baker make up bag:

That was a quick review of my trip and I have no doubt I have forgotten something so keep a look out for more posts on any forgotten details about my FABULOUS London/Liverpool vintage shopping trip. 

Until then, E xx 

P.S  Dress to impress no matter where you go!


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