Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Which Celebs Rocked The Punk Look At The Met Ball 2013 - BEST AND WORST DRESSED!

BEST:This one is a matter of opinion. Personally I love Nicole's look. I'll admit at first I wasn't sure about what looks like spray paint hair but I've grown to love it. After all it fits the theme. Plus she looks stunning in this Topshop (yes Topshop!) gown. Bravo! 

BEST: Cara rocks this studded black gown. Three words: Dressed to kill!

BEST: Trust Kristen to pull off the Punk face! Her super sleek, slicked back hair do is punk perfection. Plus I LOVE that jumpsuit! 

WORST: Bey I love you but I'm sorry what were you thinking! It looks as if Nan might want her carpet back! And those boots.... SERIOUSLY! I won't even go there about the matching giant gloves. 

WORST: Madonna you just look bizarre. For starters you're 54 and I would say your children just died of embarrassment.

WORST: Ah Kimmy that's a lovely curtain you have on. Too bad it belongs in the same house Beyonce found her carpet. 

WORST: Katy the Queen called, she wants her crown back! 

WORST: Jessica Biel I'm worried. It just goes on a downward spiral from the top down. 

WORST: Someone call the fashion police OR the men in white coats. 


  1. Cara looked fab! xx


  2. Wow! Nice dresses!One of my friend wore red dress in her wedding. We attended her wedding at wedding reception venue loved the dress and will surely buy same for my wedding day.

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