Monday, 1 July 2013

I'm back

I'm back on the cold, wet ground and if I'm completely honest I've been putting off this blog-post as it feels like the final part of such a wonderful holiday. It's been a few days now since I returned to what is meant to be our summer but instead I was greeted off the plane with goosebumps and the wet Irish reality hitting me smack in the face. It's to be expected though. I'm not sure why I thought I was going to get off the plane and miraculously be overcome with 30 degrees heat. I had such a great holiday and made some truly lovely memories. Every year I go back to same little village in Portugal and every year I end up forming a bond with some extraordinary people. I spent everyday sitting by the pool without a care in the world but this was my first time going with Els Chamber on my mind. Just before I set off I invested in a Samsung camera perfect for getaways and outfit posts for my blog. An investment I haven't looked back on since. I didn't use the camera as much I had hoped but when I did I was amazed by how good it actually was and I could see the vast difference from my old Nikon immediately. I have a couple outfit posts for you coming soon. I've been busy working and catching up to speed with some projects so I must apologise for not posting as much as I should be. The next few weeks are a bit hectic at work so bear with me.

Outfit post coming in shortly so stay tuned!

E x

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  1. Hey!! really nice blog, i like it ;)
    If you have time, please listen to my music.. and if you like it you
    can put it in your blog!! That would mean alot to me!! :)
    Cheers Martin´


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